MAM Musium

The college has taken the initiative to developed a Museusm-cum-Archive on the theme of Murshidabad Handicrafts. The proposal has already been approved by the Governing Body of the College in the biggening of the year 2023. The objective of this Museum is to pay a humble tribute to those local handicraftsmen who have been contributing a lot to keep up the local historical traditions. A very effective steps has been taken to consolidate all kind of artifacts and objects related to handicrafts. The work is in progress. We Hope by the end of this year we will able to open the museum to all. The following handicrafts materials to be exhibited on the floor of museum are:

  • 1. Pottery (Clay Materials)
  • 2. Silk Works
  • 3. Khadi Works
  • 4. Shakha (White Bangles)
  • 5. Sola (Natural Tharmocol)
  • 6. Bamboo crafts
  • 7. Wooden crafts
  • 8. Kansha Metallic Works
  • 9. Handloom Crafts(Tant)
  • 10. Wicker Crafts (Beter)
  • 11. Biri
  • 12. Old and torn Cloths crafts
  • 13. Iron Crafts
  • 14. Dry dates & Palm leaves crafts
  • 15. Kash Khor Crafts
  • 16. Jute Crafts
  • 17. Woollen Crafts
  • 18. Fishing Crafts