General Services

The brief profile gives an overall view of the library facilities available at the College. With the long tradition of collective efforts of the staff members of the library, we have been striving hard to meet the present day demands of our users by rendering various services. We seek to do in a personalized and hospitable environment in spite of some infrastructural limitations. The library at present provides services mostly through a manual system. However, keeping in mind the present-day requirements, we have started the process of automating the services through KOHA. An INTERNET facility is available to the users. We are progressing towards fuller automation, but not definitely without human touch. We are planning to lunch an App to digitalize library maximum possible way.

Sl. No. Services
1 Book Lending for Reading for home and college to the Students & Faculties
2 Reference and Information
3 Current Awareness
4 Organizing Orientation programme
5 Limited Reprography
6 Free Movement in the Stack Room to Choose Books
7 Reading Room
8 Regular Newspaper and Monthly, Quarterly Career oriented Magazine
Library orientation:

In order to familiarize our students with the library layout; we display an illustrating the arrangement of book shelves according to subject area. This helps the students in identifying their required materials easily and quickly. We also individually meet the students visiting the library and guiding them in selecting their requisite documents. At the beginning of the new session, we organise orientation programme with the new students to teach them about the accesses and use of library materials for their benefits.

Reference Service:

The library holds a good collection of reference books and text books on various subjects. A maximum of 3 (three) books are issued at a time to a student for reading purposes. We provide personal services to obtain the required information from various reference sources available in the library or to satisfy any other queries as requested.

Lending Service:

The students may borrow 2 (two) books at a time for home use for a period of two weeks and can renew the same for another week. Lending Service to the outgoing students: The students appearing at the Final University Examination may borrow books for use at home through special library card system and keep the book till the completion of the examination. The students have to return the same within one week after the completion of theexamination.

Borrowing privileges
Category Entitlement Duration of Borrowing
Students (Hons.) 2 Books 15 Days
Students (General) 2 Books 15 Days
Whole time Professor 15 Books 30 Days
SACT 10 Books 30 Days
IT 5 Books 30 Days
Non-Teaching Staff 5 Books 30 Days
Non-Teaching Staff (Casual) 2 Books 15 Days
New arrivals:

To inform the users about our new arrivals, we display the list of new additions along with the jacket of books (if available). Lists of books of renowned and important publishers are kept with us for consultation.

Internet Service:

We have internet connectivity in the library and we help the users to search various information sources available in the net. We are also entrusted with the job of making liaison (through e-mail) with other institutes and personnel on behalf of the college. We have the practice of preparing a list of web addresses of important institutes and organizations and bringing it to the notice of the users.

Career Guidance Section:

It is our common experience that most of the students are of hardly aware of various academic courses, different competitive examinations or other information pertaining to their progression in life. To serve our students in a better way, we have planned to procure books, documents, question papers of various competitive examinations and preserve them separately for use in the library. We may also guide our students in selecting the appropriate course by experts in this area through counselling.

Bibliographic Database of Special Collection:

It is our constant endeavour to identify the rare and valuable documents and preserve them separately. We are preparing the bibliographic records of those valuable wealth of the library and making an effort to make people aware of these treasure resources. The bibliographic records of the rare books are being entered in the KOHA database.

Best Practices:
  • To enhance the academic information environment and usefulness of the library, we try to observe the following practices:
  • Computerization of the library with standard digital software
  • Displaying newspaper clippings on the notice board periodically
  • Career/Employment information service
  • Internet facilities to different user groups
  • Displaying new arrivals


Library Hours:
10.30 am – 5.30 pm
10.30am –3.00pm(Saturday
Reference & Reading
10.45 am – 5.00 pm
10.45am –3.00pm(Saturday)
10.45 am – 5.00 pm
10.45am –2.00pm(Saturday)